Pacman keyring

Initializing the keyring
To set up the pacman keyring use:
# pacman-key –init
For this initialization, entropy is required. Moving your mouse around, pressing random characters at the keyboard or running some disk-based activity (for example in another console running ls -R / or find / -name foo or dd if=/dev/sda8 of=/dev/tty7) should generate entropy. If your system does not already have sufficient entropy, this step may take hours; if you actively generate entropy, it will complete much more quickly.
The randomness created is used to set up a keyring (/etc/pacman.d/gnupg) and the GPG signing key of your system.
Note: If you need to run pacman-key –init over SSH, install the haveged package on the target machine. Connect via SSH and run the following:
# haveged -w 1024
# pacman-key –init
After pacman-key successfully ran, simply stop haveged and remove the package.
# pkill haveged
# pacman -Rs haveged
The haveged solution is not just for use over SSH: it’s a great way to get some entropy quickly. If you’re having problems with pacman-key –init taking ages then you should try this solution.

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